Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hey everyone, we are finally home at last with both of our wonderful, beautiful children!! We couldn't be happier. Taylor and Reese love each other and Taylor has already started playing the "big brother" role towards Reese. The first full day (yesterday) that we were all home, I took them out to play on the playground, Taylor's first time, they had a blast! It was so cute because they would just run around together and follow each other and chase each other down the slides. Every time Reese would fall down or trip, Taylor would help her up and brush the dirt off of her, or pet her head to try and comfort her, he's so sweet with her. After we played outside for a while, they had lunch and then it was time for a nap. Neither one of them was happy about that, Reese wanted to still be with Taylor and he just simply didn't want to lay down and take a nap. So we decided to let Reese lay with him in his bed, they got comfortable and went right to sleep, it was the cutest thing ever! Well I tried that again today and it didn't work as well. Taylor kept sitting up and tickling Reese and she was telling him to lay down and go to sleep, but then laughing at what he was doing, she's so cute. But then I separated them, he went right to sleep and Reese cried a lot, but they are both asleep as I'm writing this...whew! I was a little worried about how putting him to bed would work out, but I think right now he is easier to make go to bed. Reese is always a little difficult to get back into the regular bedtime routine after she has stayed somewhere else for more than just one night, so once we get her back into the swing of things, I don't think we'll have too much trouble...they both slept all night last night and so did we! Our first night back was ok, but we both woke up at about 5am and couldn't get back to sleep, our schedules were still off, so we were both extremely tired the last half of the day and at about 7pm neither one of us could hardly keep our eyes open, so getting a full night sleep last night really helped get us both back on the right time schedule. Taylor doesn't seem to be bothered one bit about the time change, which was another thing we wondered about, but he is doing great. Sometime I will try to write on the blog about our trip and our adventures, there weren't too many since there was nothing to do in Kemerovo during our 10 day waiting period, and by the time we got back to Moscow we were just so incredibly home sick we didn't really care to do anything but relax in the hotel and swim with Taylor, which he loves!! For now, here are some pictures of Taylor that we have taken since we got him....I have been too scatter brained to take very many of him or of him and Reese together, but I will post some of those soon too.

Taylor in his "Russian hat" we bought for him (it got quite a bit colder than we were expecting in August)

Taylor sitting in the window at our hotel in Moscow

He loved looking out at all the cars and trucks (aka "machina's", in Taylor's words)

Our sweet little fella

Daddy and Taylor hangin' out at the hotel

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