Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reese is 1 year old!!!

Yay!! We can't believe that our little girl is 1 year old already. She had a good birthday, but we are going to celebrate this weekend, we will have pictures later. But for her birthday, we went shopping with Grammy Wilson, Aunt Julie, Aunt Cassidy, and Riley. And then that evening we went over to Grammy and Pa's for an ice cream cone, she loved it!!

This is one of her new birthday presents from meema and Paapa Walsh, she LOVED it, she just kept going in and out of it over and over and over.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Farm Show Feb. 2010

Hey, I finally got a chance to post some pics from the farm show in Louisville. It was a long day of walking and driving, but we had a lot of fun with the family. Reese had fun riding around in her stroller all day and she LOVED the tractors. The first tractor we let her sit on, she DID NOT want to get off of it. She threw a fit when Jesse tried to take her off of it. She got a new John Deere hat from papa at the farm show too, it doesn't quite fit yet, but we're hoping this summer it will.
We stopped at Long John Silvers for lunch on the way up there and this hat was so cute on her. You can tell she was sick, she was fighting a cold and we almost decided not to go, but she was getting a lot better by then, so we went.

Here's the girls playing in the hotel room before we headed over to the farm show, they both get sooo excited to see each other, it's so cute.

PaPa and his two little girls

Reese loved the tractors, even though she doesn't look so happy in this picture

This is the BIGGEST tire I have ever seen