Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update on Adoption Process

Hey's been sooo long since I posted on this blog, but we just want to give everyone a little update as far as our adoption. Most everyone knows already, that we have accepted a little 3 year old boy to go meet in Russia. Nothing is set in stone yet, we still can't be completely sure that he is the one we will bring home from Russia, but we can trust God that whatever happens is His will. Our dossier was delivered in Russia on Jan. 31 2011 and we are now just waiting for our invitation from the DOE to travel and meet him for the first time. We've been told that we will probably travel on our first trip around the end of March-beginning of April.....which is right at the beginning of planting season. We aren't worried about it because we know that God is in control and His timing is PERFECT!! We will go when we are meant to go, although we are so anxious and ready to go yesterday....our patience is definitely being tested.

Recently there was a terrorist bombing in one of the Moscow airports, at one of the international terminals and we could have easily been at that airport when it happened if we had been traveling when we wanted to. That's why we continue to trust God that everything will work out the way He wants it to. But right now, we just can't wait to get over there and meet that adorable little guy.
Please pray for us as we wait and as we travel. Pray that we will have a smooth transition when he comes home with us and that he isn't scared of all the new surroundings he will have. Also for our health, that neither the little boy or us get sick throughout this whole process and transition.

I will try to keep everyone posted as things progress, and especially while we are traveling, as long as we are able to find a convenient place to get internet.

But until then, here are some pictures of Reese from this winter....

Reese enjoying her milk in front of the TV

Daddy and Reese

Fell asleep on Mema

All bundled up for the snow