Monday, June 13, 2011

No Big Updates YET

Hey everyone, just thought I would let you all know what is going on at the moment with our adoption. There isn't much to tell yet, we haven't heard anything from Russia, but we have sent all of our paperwork and it is being translated right now. After they do that and give our papers to the judge, she will look at them and make any extra requests from us (we're praying that she doesn't) and then we will just wait for a court date. Our parent coordinator in Chicago seems to think it could be August or maybe even the beginning of September when our court date will be scheduled, but we're not going to worry about it, we've handed it over to God and only He is in control. It very well could be August or September, but I also won't forget the last time our parent coordinator kept telling us a later date every time we talked to her about our first trip and she was waaaay off, and we were kinda shocked to get our invitation to travel a lot sooner than what we were thinking, so we're praying that is what happens this time too. I've been praying that there would be another judge step in and take the current judge's place while she takes her vacation and then there wouldn't be any delays at all!! As soon as we hear any new news, we will keep you updated, as for now, here is some recent pictures of Reese...and some old....

Little Miss Diva wearing mommy's shoes

Mommy and Reese hiking with Papoo at Dolans Lake

A different day of hiking at Dolans Lake, the temperature dropped that day, but she still had a blast...
Our little Beauty

Old pictures...reminiscing of how little she used to be (that is Jesse holding her)

All swaddled and ready for sleepy it's been a long time since we swaddled her :(