Monday, February 27, 2012

Wilson Baby #3 in 2012

As everyone should already know, we are expecting baby #3 around July 26th!! We are so very excited! I know that Taylor and Reese will be so helpful with the new baby and they will love him/her so much! I'm not sure if they really understand what is going on, but they love to tell people that mommy has a baby in her belly, so we'll see what they think when the baby is actually here. They aren't really jealous of each other when it comes to getting held and loved on by mommy and daddy, so hopefully we won't have too much trouble with them where that is concerned with the new baby.

Wilson baby #3 at 12 weeks

Well once again, it has been waaaaay too long since I have made any posts and we have some catching up to do. Since the last post we have added a puppy to our family as well, her name is Remmy and she is a German Shorthaired pointer, we all love her!

We took a trip to Big Splash Adventure up in French Lick, IN before Christmas. That was our first little vacation/trip as a family with Taylor, we all had a blast! We then, had a great Christmas with the kids, they both were really excited about all their new presents. This was the first year for both of them to really be excited and be able to open presents, they had a great time!
Since Christmas we have had so much going on, Reese and I were in two weddings in January, my best friend, Kristi's first and then Meredith's, my cousin. Meredith and Brent actually got married on the same exact anniversary as Jesse and I, January 28th. Reese was a flower girl in both and Taylor was a ring bearer in Meredith and Brent's wedding. Reese was the cutest and sweetest flower girl EVER in both of them and Taylor was the most handsome little guy all dressed up.

Trying on dress #1 for Kristi's wedding and posing! haha

So pretty in her dress for Meredith's wedding

Reese is sooo adorable kissing Brent for the picture.

Reese had to have a flower bouquet too

Taylor's classic pose

We went to the zoo in St. Louis and Evansville a few times, Taylor and Reese love seeing the animals so much!

We recently took a trip to St. Louis, and stayed in a hotel to take the kids swimming. We also took them to the St. Louis Mills Mall which has so many different fun things for kids to do there like the Nascar Speedpark. There they had an indoor playground, and some little rides for the kids (big rides too, but they will have to grow a little before we get to do those with them). They also have a huge indoor playground in the middle of the mall which is like no mall kids play area I've ever seen, that kept them occupied for quite some time, while mommy got to go do a little shopping :)

The next day we took them to the Magic House which was sooo perfect for them. It was a full day of non-stop fun and even as we were leaving, waaaay past nap time, and we were all so obviously tired, they still (as expected) didn't want to leave and whined, but with candy in the car, they got over it pretty quickly. We will definitely be going back there again as they get older, there was still a lot of things that were for older kids that Taylor and Reese couldn't get interested in yet.

Sittin' on the choo choo at the Magic House

Reese going down the big slide at the Magic House

Reese LOVES the big slide!

Taylor climbing the bean stalk

Taylor on the big slide

On Feb. 15 we all went over to Louisville for the annual Farm Show. This was Taylor's first Farm Show and going there reminded me that exactly two years ago Jesse, Reese and I were driving to the Farm Show and Jesse and I were talking about adopting and choosing an adoption agency to work with. On that trip I made our first phone call to an agency, talked to a consultant, and we got so excited to start on our adoption journey to bring our new son home. That wasn't the agency we ended up working with but it was a start at least and it really got us motivated to keep moving forward on the adoption. It feels so good to have accomplished this adoption and to have our wonderful little boy home with us finally.

the little farmer boy sittin' in a tractor tire

Handsome little guy!

Bath time fun!


Coming up....we find out this Thursday, March 1st, if we are having a boy or a girl! Also, Reese's 3rd birthday is coming up, March 9th! I can't believe our baby girl is going to be 3 really don't realize how fast time flies until you have kids. It seriously feels like yesterday that we brought our precious, newborn baby girl home from the hospital, and now it's suddenly 3 years later :( Right now her favorite movie (or I should say, ONE of her favorites) is "Tangled" so Jesse had a great idea for her birthday party to get a bunch of those floating lanterns like in the movie and send them off after dark. So we are having her birthday party on the 10th which is a Saturday, and we're just gonna hang out and let Reese and all her buddies play, we'll have a little weenie roast and some cake, it should be a lot of fun, we'll just pray that it doesn't rain us out or get too cold.