Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving pictures

This is Reese's Thanksgiving outfit, thankfully we got some pictures of her in this hat because that same day, it came up missing and we never found it, :'( It makes me so sad, that was her first time wearing it and I loved that hat, I guess we'll just have to get her another one.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reese's new toy

We took Reese over to grammy and pa's house the other day and they had been given a new toy for Reese to play with when she gets a little older. It's a little mini go cart and we put her in it, she was so cute we had to get a picture. She sat there for a long time soaking up all the attention she could. Later that night grammy was playing peek a boo with her while she was in her exersaucer and she was having a ball, we could here her upstairs just laughing as hard as she could, it was a adorable, she loves her grammy and pa.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reese's Dedication

We had Reese dedicated today in front of the church, Pastor Jeff prayed over her and us. Reese spoke up in the microphone and it was so cute. It was a special moment, we all had tears in our eyes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reese's first ride in the combine

Reese really enjoyed riding in the combine and daddy held her for a little bit, she likes to play with the steering wheel. Daddy went very slow of course, so she was in no harm. I'm not sure if she could see grammy riding next to us in the auger wagon but grammy could see her having fun flailing her arms around and kicking her legs. She really seemed very amazed at first with the noise and the huge window in front of us but she eventually got sick of it and was ready for some milk and nappy time.

Here's all three of us in our new golf cart, Reese loves golf cart rides

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Visiting with Great G-ma and G-pa

Reese, for some reason, is afraid of strange men that she doesn't see very often, so great grandpa Walsh didn't get to hold her much, but she showed off for them a lot. They loved seeing her and they have decided they are going to make it a point to see her often. They want to come back in a few weeks and maybe babysit for us a little while I have to work, Jesse will be in the field and so will grammy Wilson so we won't have too many babysitters for a while. Also, great grandpa Walsh wants to help on the farm a little bit and see how everything works.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reese's 6 month checkup

Reese had her 6 month shots and her checkup this week. She cried for a little bit after her shots, I hated it, I just wished so bad that I could take them for her but then she forgot about them and fell asleep. At the doctor she was in the 5th percentile in her weight at 13 lbs and 4oz and 25 percentile in her height at 26 in. She's definitely a petite little thing, but so was I when I was a baby. Reese has started saying "bababa" again and she makes many more noises as she discovers how to do them. She loves to squeal and talk really loud when she's in a good mood. She is starting to like her bath time a little bit more, she likes to reach for the rubber duckies. She is growing so fast, I feel like a I can't capture this time in our life enough.

Here is Reese on Sunday all dressed up for church

Here are some other shots I got of Reese while she was dressed up for church on a different Sunday

These are some vacation pictures that I didn't put on before, she is wearing her daddy's bandana and grandma's t-shirt in the last two because we ran out of clothes for her while we were at the beach but she was happy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Florida vacation 2009

We just got back from Ft. Walton/Destin, FL it was a blast. We went with my mom and dad and brother and his girlfriend, Amity. We got to do para sailing, which I could have done without, it freaked me out being that high. We got up to 450 ft above the water, yikes!

We also went deep sea fishing which would have been awesome if Jesse, Amity and I hadn't gotten sick, Jesse even had to throw up, he never throws up! but we did all get to reel in a big fish (or in my case and Amity's case, mostly reeled in, we needed lots of help). Jesse, Amity, Jared and I all reeled in Amber Jack fish but they have to be a certain size to keep so all of them that we caught weren't big enough even though they were still huge! It seems like a lot of work to get them in just to throw them right back. But my dad caught a cobia that we kept and they are supposed to be really good for eating and it was. He also caught a king mackerel that we kept and between those 2, we had way more fish than we could eat.

We rented jet skiis and saw dolphins in the bay. We saw one jump completely out of the water, it was so awesome. They swam right under our jet ski. There was a baby with them too and they were playing and swimming upside down and stuff. We found a great snorkeling spot and that's what we did on our last day in Florida, we found lots of shells. My dad and I went on a huge swing called the "sky flyer" where they strap you in and pull you with a huge arm and take you 80 ft. in the air and when you pull the rip cord you fall and it swings you back and forth until you stop, it was awesome but I was ready to get off right away, I don't know if I'll do it again or not, but Jared and Amity did it twice!!

Reese did great in Florida, she is the best baby ever, but she is happy to be home. we made it through the week in Florida with a baby and no sunburns, whew!

On our way home we stopped in Birmingham, AL to see a cave, it was sooo cool, I want to go back, Reese loved it too, she said "ba ba ba ba ba" and laughed and squealed almost the whole time we were in the cave. Daddy held her in the carrier through the cave and she loved every minute of it.

Here Reese is hangin out at the hotel and she was so cute sitting there lookin up at us.

here is our happy family in front of beautiful Ft. Walton beach at sunset, our first day in Florida and at the beach for our first day of swimming

Here Reese is "helping" us unpack when we got to our condo

Reese sure had fun in her exersaucer and playing with papa

Reese really enjoyed her little floaty we found for her, for the pool

Here we are in front of this little shack called "Dewey Destin" which is a restaurant right on the water and you eat on the dock, a lot of the locals say is the best fresh seafood you can get. We had them fry up our catch from our fishing trip so while we waited for them to cook it, we walked out on the dock and got to see a military air show that was right over our heads, we were at the right place at the right time, it was awesome. My mom was babysitting while Jesse and I went to have the fish fried, it was a nice little time to ourselves.

Here is the view of the bay from our condo and a view of the pool and lazy river from our condo, we had a top floor room with roof access, it was really nice