Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 mo. checkup

Reese went for her 4 month check up last Tuesday (7-14-09), she is 12 lbs 8oz and 24 in. long. She's getting so big :( She got her shots this Tuesday (7-21-09) and they went a lot better than we thought they would and a lot better than last time. Jesse and I were both dreading taking her because she is just so pitiful when she cries. Last time she cried and cried and cried, then I started crying and then she filled her diaper and it got everywhere, she cried all the way through her diaper change and kept crying until I fed her. This time it was a delayed reaction after the needle went in and then she cried for about 30 seconds on each one and that was it, within minutes she was smiling at us again. It was a lot better for me too this time because Jesse held her so I didn't have to feel like I was torturing her when they tell us to hold her foot between our leg so she won't move. She calmed down as soon as mommy held her when it was all over with :) So we're good on shots for another 2 months, whew!

mommy and Reese

This was so cute, Reese always likes to touch her paci and pulls it out a lot but this time she fell asleep holding her paci

Sunday, July 12, 2009

All dressed up for church

Reese was so sweet today at church with her little summer dress on and hat. She was in such a good mood all morning until she decided it was time to eat and then mommy had to go feed her. Last night (Saturday) Jesse was supposed to shoot a fireworks show in Carbondale that was rained out on the 4th but he was rained out again this weekend. They thought that they could go ahead and set up with tents over them while it rained because it was supposed to stop but the tents blew over and broke so they called it off. Jesse was on his way home and on the other side of Marion when they called him back and said they were gonna go ahead and shoot as much as they could get set up. So he went back, they started to set up and Ken, Cindy, Reese, and me all went down there to see them and support Jesse because he had such a long day. Well while on our way down there, he calls and says they are gonna have to shoot early because another storm is coming so they ended up shooting all the fireworks before we got there. We got there in time for the storm to move in and it was lightning like crazy and part of the road we had to take back to this place was flooded (it was creepy, one side of the road was like a water fall coming off the road). But at least he had Reese and I to ride back home with to keep him awake, it was a long day for everyone.

I caught this one of Reese and it's so funny, she looks so serious

FREE kittens, anyone interested?? Our cat unexpectedly had 5 kittens, her first litter ever. They are cute little stinkers though, but we can't keep them, they need good homes.