Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Picnic

This was Jesse's first Father's day as a father and we all went to the annual Father's Day Picnic at his grandparents picnic spot. It sure was HOT!! and Reese wasn't diggin the heat and being held on top of needing a nap so we laid her in the basket of grandma's three wheel bicycle after she fell asleep. As soon as we laid her down, she woke up but never fussed, she was happy to just lay there and look around, it was cooler for her rather than being held. I wheeled her around to everyone to say good bye.

Daddy and Reese

Grandpa and Reese

Reese is happy in her basket

First days in the swimming pool

The first time Reese got to go into the swimming pool with us, I didn't think she was going to like it. A couple of weeks ago, we put her feet in and she immediately started crying, but the other day I put her feet in again because the pool was warmer and she didn't mind at all so I took her in with me and she never cried, she liked it.


Reese and Mommy

Reese in her swimming suit and Daddy on Father's Day

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Reese is growing so fast, Jesse just keeps saying "she's growing too fast, I want her to stay small," but we both know that's not gonna happen, she's gonna just keep on growing. I'm really anxious to see her do new things like crawling, talking, playing in the bath, walking, sitting up, going in the swimming pool, etc. but I also know that I will miss her being so young and small and sweet. We try to catch a lot on video so we can always go back and remember when she was so young. She is starting to reach out and grab things now and she has discovered how much she loves putting things in her mouth, and she's a major drooler. Reese and I are going to be going up to Indianapolis, IN next week to stay with my mom (me maw Walsh) since she's up there for work because Jesse will be in the fields (hopefully) and working late, otherwise we wouldn't be going, leaving daddy by himself. He will miss us I'm sure but not as much as we would miss him while he's working past dark everynight.
Reese looks a lot older in this picture while she looks at her book

Reese has learned to put things in her mouth and likes to chew/slobber on them

Reese holds her head up really good now although she still isn't too fond of tummy time. She likes when we hold her in the air, her legs stick straight out and when she's on her belly on the floor, she does the superman with her legs and arms in the air

Reese has on her new outfit that Aunt Cassidy found for her but I'm afraid it's already too short on her. It fits fine except for the length, and the hats are a good fit, we were in need of some sun hats to shade her face when we go outside.

Monday, June 1, 2009

first time in the Bumbo seat

Reese is still growing and doing so many things. She loves to stick out her tongue and blow bubbles and she has started blowing zerberts, she'll even imitate us doing it sometimes. She loves to sit up and look around and if she can't she gets mad and cries, that's why we thought we should try to the Bumbo seat, she is holding her head really good now. She loves the Bumbo seat and she can sit there for quite a long time by herself just looking at her hands and chewing on her fist. That's another thing, she has noticed her hands, she is totally fascinated with them. Now she's working on her hand and eye coordination, she hasn't quite learned to reach out and grab things yet, we'll have to work on that. The picture where my dad is holding her is a couple of weeks old but I though it was really cute, we were playing cards and she was helping him out telling him which card to pick.