Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday '10

Reese had fun on Easter, she got to search for eggs but didn't really know that's what she was doing. She liked to bang the eggs together instead. Reese has been walking now for about 2-3 weeks. She is getting really good at it and she is getting faster!! She says some more things now, she says "baby"(for everything that's small and cute)"cracker" "baby girl" "puppy" "papoo"(for grandpa Walsh) "mammy" (for both grandmas) "mama" and "dada" (for mommy and daddy) "uh...oh!" (just when she feels like saying it) "bye bye"(while waving) and she claps her hands together all the time. When we at church and everyone in the crowd starts clapping, she starts to clap too, it's so cute. She learns new words everyday, she has all of a sudden accelerated in her speech and just started saying all these new words all of a sudden, she is growing up so fast. Here are the pictures from Easter...

This dress was a very popular dress for Easter, this wasn't planned at all